Families visiting the farm and looking for that perfect tree!

Children practice their cowgirl skills with the Bull ring toss.

Kids visiting with (donkeys from left to right) Jill, Ed, & Jack.

A family enjoying a hayride on the farm.

Once your family has selected that perfect tree, we shake the tree (our tree shaker is called Elvis-because it’s all shook up!) to remove all of the loose needles, (sometimes we even find a bird nest), we offer a fresh cut on the tree then we bail the tree and take it to your automobile.
Above a dad is talking with Cowboy Rudy about why a fresh cut is recommended. On the right, Colt pulls the wagon with the tree followed by Cowboy Rudy, and our tractor driver Casey.

Children running for the tree swings!

We offer a variety of flocked trees, all with stand included.

We trim the trees twice a year, typically in May & August.

Pictured above & below: Rudy trimming the Texas grown Christmas trees. (Virginia Pines shown)